Thursday, October 30, 2008

The day(s) from H-E-Double Hockey Sticks

That which does not kill me makes me stronger, right? That's my mantra right now. The craziness started yesterday and will continue right on through the weekend. The fact that I am updating my blog this morning should show how much I love you guys - especially my friends that whine when I don't update my blog.

Since I have to focus on all that I've got to do in the end of this week, I'm going to do a day-in-the-life of crazy-busy daycare provider for you. To let you know just how busy things can get...

6:00 Wake up, get ready...
6:30 Make coffee, make apple bread for breakfast, update blog!
7:15 Serve breakfast to middle-schooler
Greet incoming familes 7:15 - 8:30
7:30 Serve breakfast to elementary school kids
7:45 Serve breakfast to pre-schoolers
Go to post office to mail daycare paperwork and Stampin' Up hostess kit
Put deposit in the bank
8:00 Wash breakfast dishes
8:30 Help get kids' toys picked up
Begin pre-school activities
* Make spider webs from spaghetti and starch
* Make skeleton from Q tips
* Calendar/Circle Time/Many, Many silly Halloween Songs
* Read 6 Halloween Books
Change a stinky diaper
Clean up art mess
Give the baby his morning bottle
10:20 Stephanie "The Germ Lady" arrives and does "Feelings Unit" with the kids
* Did an activity to help recognize several emotions
* Did dramatic role play activities with toy houses & peoples
* Stephanie and I go over articles she brought for me and
* Directions for allocating upcoming grant money!
11:30 Change a wet diaper!
11:40 Fix lunch
12:20 Serve lunch
12:45 Do lunch dishes, Lay out Nap Mats
1:00 Help clean up after-lunch toys
1:00 - 1:30 get kids done going potty and laid down for naps
1:30 Give the baby his afternoon bottle after changing a wet diaper
1:40ish Lay baby down for nap
Work on Extensive Grocery List for the next week
Catch up daycare paperwork and correspondance
Gather kids' things and put them in bags to send home
2:15 Baby wakes up-switch between rocking him back to sleep & laying him down til 3:00
3:00 Wake kids up from naps, get pottying done and napmats put away
3:05 Change a wet diaper
3:15 Fix snacks
3:20 Serve 1 kiddo whose leaving early, have big kid walk him to play practice
3:30 Serve rest of kids snack
3:45 Wash snack dishes
4:00 Change out of snotty/slobbery clothes into clean ones, cover with a jacket
4:05 Supervise older kids getting started on chores/homework, Give dinner prep directions
4:10 Go outside with the kids to play
4:45 through 5:20, kids leave for home
5:25 Pull dinner from the oven, prep 2 plates to eat in the car, gather oldest child
5:30 Leave home for choir practice
5:50 Choir Practice
6:30 Scrooge play practice
8:35 Head to WalMart for groceries
10:15 Pay un-holy amount of money for groceries and load in van
10:40 Arrive home, unload groceries and put away
11:05 Pack Halloween goodie bags and make Halloween Twister game for Thursday
(while watching Lipstick Jungle)
12:00 Head to bed, Realize I've had too much caffeine - read for 20 minutes

6:00 Get up, Get ready, update Blog!

That's where I am now.

Today I need to:
Make popcorn balls with the kids
Make Halloween candle holders with the kids
Do a letter H book with the kids
Do circle time, calendar, etc.
Do Laundry
Finalize & Mail Food Program paperwork for October
Bathe kids
Print and send home next week's menus for the kids
Prep November pre-school curriculum

Fix and clean up all the meals
Do our Halloween Party this afternoon

Help B move all the furniture out of several rooms, pull carpet, Seal the floors, etc.
Make sure we can still reach all the kids' Halloween stuff for tomorrow night and clothes for tomorrow

Make sure T's room, living room and dining room are free of all furniture and carpet before carpet guy gets here at 9am
Take fund-raiser candles to Mom in Topeka
Go to Chloe's class Halloween party (and bring drinks)
Receive Stampin' Up order from UPS, sort & begin delivering
Move furniture back once carpet is in
Get kids ready for trick-or-treating (and take pictures - Don't forget!)
Start moving furniture and pulling carpet in our bedroom and S's
Watch for Halloween tricksters

Make sure our bedroom and S's are free of all furniture and carpet before carpet guy gets here around 11.
Take T and go to play practice from 9-12
Move furniture back in when carpet guy is done and get it back to normal
Collapse in exhaustion

Begin deep cleaning
Family pictures at 4:00? (if the wind isn't blowing us over - AGAIN!)
Kids go to choir 6-7

And then the week starts over!

I'm gonna need some serious motivation, friends! In your comments today, what can you say to motivate me to keep on keepin' on this weekend?!


Anonymous said...

A substitute for working moms,
She comforts, pampers, soothes, and calms.
With all the love she has to share,
She's great to have when mom's not there.
She loves to rock a fussy child,
Corrects the one who gets too wild.
She hears her share of tearful pleas,
And comforts those with skinned up knees.
With little children she plays peek,
For bigger ones it's hide and seek.
She is an expert at each game,
But somehow loses just the same.
She helps them learn the alphabet,
And gives them hugs when they're upset.
She gently tucks them in their beds,
With dreamland tales for sleepyheads.
She is a true and trusted friend,
Who helps them learn and play pretend.
Although she's paid, it's plain to see,
She serves them with a love that's free.

You are such a great provider, mother, friend, and so much more. I know this may not motivate you for everything you have to do this weekend, but hopefully it will get you thru one more busy day!
Thanks for all you do!

Laura Fluke said...

I have no motivation but to get through it alive and Monday it'll all be okay!!! In the words of my favorite Disney Musical..."We are all in this together"...
Have a good one my friend!

And, I am copying Jess' comment and pasting to my blog comments and see if my parents think it was about me...=)! Kidding!

Anonymous said...

Think about the end result! As you keep focusing on the end, it will get you through the mess. You will feel so much better when your house is back to "normal" and it has a brand new look and feel to it.


Anonymous said...

You are making me tired just reading about it. The best advice I have is to think okay I made it thru the last 5 minutes; then hopefully it will be an hour at a time then maybe several or not. I agree with what Jess said; you are a wonderful giver of love to everyone you meet, young or old; and for that I feel truly blesses to have you in my life. May God give you the strength to make it thru these very trying days, one hour at a time. Please feel my strength helping you thru this and call or email if you need and I will try to do what I can to help talk and support you thru this. You are an inspiration to me and I very much enjoy you sharing your life thru your blog with me and others. I don't know what else to say but hang in there and it will be over soon. Tammy

Anonymous said...

Maybe you don't love to rock a fussy child, but you do it! And the only other thing I can say for motivation is.....
Keep ya, Keep ya head in the game! :)