Thursday, December 16, 2010

Snowball Fight!

Yep, we had us a snowball fight today. How, you ask, since it hasn't snowed here yet? Well, we started out with a simple little project. Making a Santa hat using a triangle of red construction paper,

some cottonballs,

and viola - they become Santa hats.

Well, then there were all sorts of leftover cottonballs. So, it's only natural the kids started calling them snowballs. And then, once they became snowballs - we HAD to have a snowball fight!

We also spent some time bundling up in all our winter gearing and heading outside to run some of the Christmas & snowball fight excitement off!

Now, everyone's winding down and getting ready for a good nap before tomorrow's big exciting day when we get to hang out and play together until 10:00 at our late-night/pizza party! Fun!

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