Thursday, October 14, 2010

Triangles, Chocolate and Airplanes - Oh My!

We've packed a lot into the last couple of days - not only have we worked around me being gone for a doctor's appointment and working in lots of outside time to take in this amazingly gorgeous fall weather, but we've kept busy working with this week's lessons as well! We've started exploring the triangle shape and the color brown. To help both concepts stick, yesterday we finger-painted on a triangle shape using Chocolate Pudding - a delicious sensory project!

There was a lot of finger licking during our time playing in the pudding, but we had a slightly more civilized treat with a cup of the pudding when we were all done - yum!!

Yesterday's snack after naps was also an extension of the morning's lessons - we had celery sailboats - complete with a triangle sail!

We've continued to talk about things that go and today talked about airplanes - we've talked about who's been on an airplane, what they liked about it, that there are many different types of airplanes and more!

And then we made paper airplanes and had lots of fun flying them around!

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