Tuesday, October 12, 2010


This weekend was a long-awaited road trip to Colorado with The Girls to visit our friend, Allison, who's moved out there. We've talked about doing it for several years and finally just buckled down, picked a date and did it! And it was FABULOUS!

We started out Thursday night, leaving right after everyone was done with their workday - we each took a 2 hour driving shift, arriving in Monument, CO around 2:30am! Allison met us at the door with hugs, we lugged our stuff to the rooms we were staying in and crashed.

But, being used to being awake early, we were all up with the sun ready to begin our first day of fun! We loaded up on coffee and breakfast, got ready and hopped back in the car to journey to Estes Park. The trip was neat, too, because we went through Denver and Boulder on our way! We got there just in time for lunch at a quirky little hamburger joint where we enjoyed a great lunch and lots of fun together.

"The Girls" - Allison, Brandi, me, Kelli, Lisa

Lisa & The Perfect Sign

From there we wandered into a few shops in Estes Park, then headed over to The Stanley Hotel for our scheduled Ghost Tour - ooooooooooooooo.

The Stanley Hotel - Estes Park, CO

A little background on this gorgeous hotel. Not only is it reported to be haunted, but also is the place where Steven King was inspired to write The Shining. None of the actual movie, The Shining was filmed at the hotel, but the later-released mini-series was.

Brandi getting ready for our ghost tour

Allison and Lisa waiting for the tour to begin

The Music Room at The Stanley

Room 217 - Haunted by Mrs. Wilson and where Steven King was inspired to write The Shining

Our ghost tour guide, Creepy Cassie

We learned a lot of history and heard about a lot of "experiences" during our 90 minute dramatic tour of the hotel from our guide, "Creepy Cassie." Lots of interesting stories. And, looking back through our pictures from the afternoon, there are a lot of what the guide described to be "spirit orbs" in our pictures... Spirit Orbs? Dust reflecting in the flash? All I know is that I looked back through many of my indoor pictures and the only ones I've found "orbs" in are from this hotel.... Hmmmmmmm....

Is that Matthew, the ghost child holding onto Lisa's hand? Note the "spirit orb" under her hand...

Another orb at the bottom of the stairs...

We left The Stanley to heard back up to Castle Rock for a little shopping and dinner at The White Chocolate Grill - there are only 3 in the US and we waited for nearly 2 hours for a table, but it was worth it because it was So Tasty! The salsa we ordered was to die for, my dinner was fabulous and the apple pie - Oh Lordy! There are no words!

waiting for dinner

The whole dinner group! Kelli, Allison, Lisa, me, Brandi, Brianna

A short drive back to Allison,s, including a pretend speech impediment, a chinese fire drill and lots of laughing and we all crashed hard for the night.

The next day, Saturday, we got up, enjoyed delicious pancakes Allison made for us and headed out to hike. Allison took us up Raspberry Mountain and it was amazing! The views, the scenery - we had a great morning. After a quick stop back by the house for lunch and to grab our purses, we were off again - into Colorado Springs for a little shopping and Starbucks!

starting the hike

Amazing views! How do you choose which pictures to post? These are just a few... They all look like postcards!

We did a little exploring on the boulders!

Once we reached the point where we could get down to the reservoir to see the incredible views there, we had to go down a pretty good incline - Allison thought it best to sit for the last of it!

We got some pretty amazing pictures of all of us while on the hike!

Saturday night - Slumber Party! Pizza, Guacamole, Homemade Ice Cream, Movies, and More! It was a blast (even if many of us crashed out during the movies!!)

Sunday morning - it's hard to believe we're on our last day already! Loaded back up in the car, into Colorado Springs for breakfast at our Traditional Cracker Barrel, along with a little shopping there. We ate a ton and had a wonderful last little bit together.

Then we were back on the road, in our 2 hour shifts back to Home Sweet Home in Kansas. I know I speak for Brandi, Kelli, Lisa and myself when I say we had an Amazing time on our short, but sweet trip! I can't wait til we can do it again!

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