Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pumpkins - Across Many Senses!

Today we continued talking about pumpkins. We discussed how pumpkins are not only used for jack-o-lanterns and decorations, but for food, too - like breads, pies, cakes and more! After bringing out a can of pumpkin and opening it, everyone got to look at it, and smell it. We heard lots of great descriptive vocabulary like - wet, sweet, orange, slurpy, yummy, and more! I loved seeing everyone waiting their turns and sharing nicely!

Once everyone had a chance to smell the canned pumpkin, I gave each of the kids a small amount on a piece of paper - and added some delicious smelling pumpkin pie spice - the kids got to "finger-paint" with the pumpkin pie filling. It was very slimy and cold. Some were not happy with this experience at all! Others jumped right in and slimed it around, even tasting it!

We did create some pumpkin art today, as well. Using a fist and orange paint, we made fist-print pumpkin patches. I think they turned out super cute!

This week we've also been learning some great pumpkin songs and action poems - the kids got to use mini pumpkins to do some of the actions today!

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