Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Brown Day and More Pumpkin Stuff

We've been working with the color brown these past couple of weeks and we spent today on it as well.

We had lots of adorable brown outfits. We made brown collages using things everyone brought from home - pipe cleaners, stickers, ribbon, string, paper cut-outs. Everyone loved sharing their stuff!

We got to snack on some tasty brown (chocolate!) treats!

and yep - ended up with some brown faces afterward!

One of our friends brought some brown play-doh to share with everyone and we had a blast making all kinds of creations outside with it.

It's a Cookie...

They're Hot Dogs...

It's a Snake...

Then we got slimy when we gutted a pumpkin to see what the inside looks like. The general consensus was "gooey!" Everyone took a turn pulling some seeds and gunk out!

AND - a friend brought a pumpkin pie to share today so we had an extra special treat this morning! And it was scrumptious!

Tomorrow - More pumpkin stuff!

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