Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day Weekend Laboring - Still In Progress

To take advantage of nice weather and a 3 day weekend, we seem to always take on a big project over Labor Day weekend - last year we were working on the steps to the daycare door and painting the daycare room. This year, we took on some major painting!

We started with some clean up - around alot of our windows and doors, on the brick out front, has been some sloppily painted trim paint from who knows when - bright blue! This weekend, I broke out the stripper, rubber gloves, goggles and a scrub brush and got rid of most of it! Yay!

I also finally got the rest of the cement wall painted next to the rock steps so it's all finally one color! Yay again!

Our poor deck has been about 4 colors, for some reason. This weekend, that is starting to change. I spent most of my time this weekend painting, painting, painting the deck. I am so tired of painting it - a deck has a lot of parts and nooks and crannies... But, I am so excited to see it all done. I'm not there yet, but I'm getting closer!

The trim will be the same red as the deck and will be gorgeous! I can't wait. The front door will be a deep glossy black!

And Bronson has been working up high - on the soffetts, which have been a nice checkerboard pattern due to boards being replaced and primered then just left. My man spent the weekend high above us all fixing some bad spots in the soffetts and starting to paint up there. It's going to look great when it's done!

(Now, would the painting fairy come finish it all up for us so I can start regaining the feeling in my arms?!)

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Laura Fluke said...

Looks so good girl! You guys did some major work but it will soon pay off when you look at the house! Good work!