Thursday, June 24, 2010

More Froggy Fun!

We've kept busy this week - playing together, getting to know each other, adjusting to our routines and having lots and lots of fun with frogs!

We've learned about the life-cycle of frogs; from eggs to tadpoles to frogs. We've spent lots of time hopping and hopping and hopping - we even added lily pads!

Today we added some color (to our fingers, too!) to our frog pond when we made paint designs by painting with little rubber frogs - too fun!

Hmmmm - wonder what everyone is gathered around looking at? The little frogs we caught and observed today!

And summer has arrived with all it's hot, sunny power this week, we also had a great time playing in the water for our "Wet Wednesday" yesterday. It was so hot and steamy my camera lens fogged over for a while at first!

Our expanded group is doing great and adjusting well!

I can't wait for our fun 4th of July projects next week!

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