Monday, June 21, 2010

A Hippity Hoppity Busy, Fun Day!

We've had a jam-packed morning - packed with new friends, frogs and lots of fun!

I am so lucky to be welcoming 2 new kiddos into our daycare family today!

N is a fun, happy new friend for our little guys (and everyone else, too!) He's done so well today - jumping right in and playing with everyone - loving the cars & trucks, having a great time with ur projects and cookin' up a storm with the toy kitchen!

Miss Z is a perfect new BFF for our 5 year old girls (and, again - everyone else!). She's done great today - playing with the big girls and then littler kiddos, too. She has been cooking, cooking, cooking and feeding lots of baby dolls. She has also jumped right in and done every step of our calendar time and projects!

We're starting to explore frogs this week, and since we had another stormy morning today, we got lots of exploring done! We shared all the many, many things all the kids know about frogs.

We talked about their lily pads, which are, of course, green! Soooo, then we got to explore how yellow and blue make green and there is nothing more fun than seeing this first-hand with fingerpaint! We turned our green finger-paint pictures into lily pads to hang up with the frog pictures we colored!

We have an awesome frog pond now!

After cleaning up our finger-painty hands, we did some playing with brightly colored toy frogs - sorting them, counting them, making patterns with them.

We practiced hopping like frogs and singing silly songs about frogs!

Since it turned out to be such a soggy morning, we also got in some good dancin' time! We danced to Greg & Steve and did lots of following-directions songs! Too Fun!

I'm so thankful today has gone so well and been such fun! I'm looking forward to the rest of the week!

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Laura Fluke said...

cute looking group there!!! Looks like great friends you have added to the mix!!! They will LOVE everything you do for them!!! You rock!