Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tyler's 8th Grade Promotion

Well, we made it through and I wasn't the wreck I thought I'd be... It was just so fun to see all the kids all duded up and looking so darn grown up!

Here's when we first got to school. She was so annoyed with the thought I'd be taking her picture! She quickly got over it once she realized Everyone's parents were taking pictures.

Tyler with her friends, Pe-Qwas and Rebekah.

Tyler and Kaitlyn

Zerul, Heather, Madison, Tyler & Jesse

Tyler and Jesse - "The boy". So not ready for that, but there it is. He is awfully cute and nice and he really does smile - just not very well for pictures :o).

Zerul and Heather, Tyler and Jesse

Alex and Tyler

Austin, Dustin, Alex, Madison, Tyler and Jesse

Tyler and Catherine

Tyler, Jessica and Katie

The processional - walking into the ceremony to Pomp & Circumstance

The 7th & 8th Grade band... Playing "Beat It" of all things! The class voted on what they should play and the boys all voted "Beat It" - there were more boys than girls, sooooooo.......

Presenting - The Class of 2014 - all 81 of them!

Tyler receiving her promotion certificate from the superintendent

A lot of work went into earning that certificate!

Ceremony is over - the recessional as the class files out

Dad, Tyler and Mom.

I can't believe we've hit this day already. We are so proud of this girl. She truly is a joy, she is funny and smart and responsible and creative and hard-working and caring and beautiful and so much more. Congratulations, Tyler and making is through 8th grade! I'm so excited to see what high school brings!

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This is Tyler on my mommyz blog!!!!!!!! I'm sooooo awesome!!! lol so ya =)