Friday, May 21, 2010


We've had lots of fun exploring different sports this week - with a good half the week shut up in the house while it was cold and dreary and wet. So, we got creative!

We played basketball with wadded up orange paper and a laundry basket! And since Tyler was out of school by then - she got in on the action, too!

We also played some "volleyball" using balloons!

My kids jumped right in here, too!

Look at the balloon-blowing skill Spencer is showing!

Today we talked about rooting for our favorite teams and made pennets feature our own names!

And just for fun - because it's Friday after a long, inside kind of week - our favorite Friday Chant!

Friday, Friday, Friday! Party, Party, Party!

Have a great weekend!

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Laura Fluke said...

The names signs look adorable! Very cute lessons chick!