Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Random Wednesday Stuff

There have been a lot of different types of things going on and since I can't seem to organize my thoughts in a rational manner, I'm just going to talk about many of the different things all in one post!

First of all - my thought for today - Is it May or October? I crave warm sun, cool breezes and sunshine, birds singing, butterflies flitting, flowers blooming, etc. Today, I am wearing -again! a sweatshirt! Bring Spring back, please. Just for a little while before summer slams into us!

Not only do I love the weather in general, but my family got me a wonderful new patio set for my deck for Mother's Day and I really would love to be able to sit out there and enjoy it! Please?!

Speaking of birds... My bird feeders are The Best source of entertainment right now - and I'm only slightly afraid of turning into a crazy old bird lady, but I love to watch them! I've had tons of the normal sparrows and woodpeckers and bluejays and red-winged blackbirds and purple finches and now coming to feast in my yard are cardinals and yellow finches. I'm finally getting orioles consistently - they're even coming and snacking at my hummingbird feeders! And my favorite right now - bluebirds! Soooo pretty!

This weekend we finally got the new quad, "Rhonda the Honda" out for a spin and we had a BLAST! I love riding with my family! This is the first time Tyler has driven with a clutch, and after a short time of trial and error, she got it all figured out and was riding like a pro! She also finally got to wear all the new gear Santa brought her this year!

I loved being able to go out on the trails with Bronson which we've never been able to do because we always took turns on the one big quad. And even little Miss Chloe took her riding up a notch this weekend and has been riding on her own, without her daddy holding onto a strap attached to a kill switch. She loved it and did a great job!

We found a big ol' snake sunning himself in the flowerbed in the front yard last week. It really wasn't all that big, but it was big for a garter snake. Pretty neat...

Tyler promotes out of 8th grade next week - I'm having some panic attacks. AND she has a "date" to the 8th grade promotion dance next Friday - more panic attacks, some hyperventilating... This is much harder than I imagined. Expect some very tearful, sappy posts next week. Sigh....

Tyler's track season ended last night - she ran the 200m dash and the 400, 800 and 1600 meter relays this season and her relay teams consistently did AWESOME all season! Tons of first place medals this year with a couple second places as well! So proud!

Chloe is having a horrible time with allergies and is up a lot at night coughing. I feel kind of like we have a newborn again because Bronson and I will take turns waking each other up and saying, "it's your turn." If it weren't making me so tired, it might be funny! But, after a quick run to a prompt care clinic this weekend and $100 worth of prescriptions, maybe we'll all be sleeping better soon!

Spencer is writing a children's book and says he has some teachers that are going to be helping him get it printed. I'll be anxious to see how it turns out - he is so excited!

School is out in just over a week. I can't believe a whole school year is already almost behind us - it went so fast! I just hope we can all have a great summer together!

The daycare kids have been great, especially with all the cool, wet weather this week. We're still learning about bugs. We are in the process of making an egg-carton ladybug. They painted them red this morning - tomorrow we add the spots and some googly eyes!

We've also been singing lots of silly bug songs. This is our favorite!!!

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