Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Time for Tea

This weekend we got to attend a tea for Chloe's Girl Scout troop and the special ladies in their lives. Chloe invited me and her sister! The girls all dressed up. They had made, at an earlier meeting, hats to wear and also had gloves - so cute!

The Girl Scouts started the festivities by reciting the Girl Scout Pledge together.

Then we dug into tea and treats - it was delicious and very nicely put together by their troop leader, Emma, who always does a wonderful job for the girls! We got pictures taken together, enjoyed our snacks, did a craft, played a game, eagerly tried to win door prizes and had a very nice time together.

As much as I enjoyed being with Chloe and her friends, I had a blast with Tyler, who was acting like a complete dork throughout the party - such a goofball!

It was a very nice afternoon for all of us. What impressed me the most, however, was once it was done. Many of the attendees - adults and the girls, all jumped in and helped get things cleaned up. That, in itself, shows me what kinds of girls these are and how they are learning, both at home and at Girl Scouts, how to be willing helpers. Loved it!

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