Thursday, April 1, 2010

Lots of Easter Art

We've had a busy week with lots of fun projects and lots of outside time while the weather has been so beautiful. What we haven't done lots of is taking pictures and blogging our activities as we go, so I'm going to give just a quick recap because here in a minute I've got to go play Easter bunny so all the kids can have their daycare Easter egg hunt! We're just never done having fun!

We made bunnies with fluffy tails.

We colored baskets and added fingerprint eggs.

We made designs with glue on posterboard eggs, then colored them with chalks.

We fingerpainted egg shapes.

We made an Easter basket with 3D eggs.

We made a collage using bright colors and Easter cookie cutters.

We made adorable little Easter baskets using plastic cups, pipe cleaners and stickers...

...and then we filled them with grass, jelly bean eggs and a Peep!

We made bigger "baskets" using lunch sacks to use for our egg hunt later today!

We colored some eggs - HINT! To avoid dropping and splashing and cracking (for the most part!), put your eggs in the middle of a whisk before dunking in the dye! Thank you Family Fun magazine!

We ended up with some bright beautiful eggs and everyone will have some to bring home!

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