Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter Party

We celebrated Easter as a daycare family yesterday since I am closed for Good Friday and it was the perfect day for it. We kept busy all morning finishing up some Easter projects and playing outside, celebrated a birthday after lunch and then after naptime - we were ready to celebrate Easter!

The Easter Bunny came and hid eggs outside while everyone was sleeping...

So, we gathered our paper lunch sack baskets...

Headed outside and hunted for eggs filled with goodies!

The bigger kids helped the little ones find the eggs with their names on them! Everyone did a great job helping each other and working together.

Then we came in to check out our loot. Everyone snacked on some of the candy found in their eggs...

...and played with the cute little critters in a bucket they got, too!

We also snacked on donut Easter baskets and pink lemonade!


It was a fun little party - deemed the funnest day Ever! by some of the kids. We gathered up all our goodies to take home and then spent the rest of the day playing outside in the beautiful sunshine!

Happy Easter, Everyone!!

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