Friday, March 5, 2010

Dirty Post...

Because we played in the dirt and planted flower seeds today! (hee hee hee)

We used the little greenhouse pods and made them grow with water, then planted 3 kinds of flowers. Everyone helped water the seeds when we were done, then we put them by the window so they could begin the growing process and we could watch!

Some of the kids were getting pretty hacked off within a couple hours when nothing had grown yet!

We also did some painting with silk flowers - made very pretty patterns!

We had a great morning playing together and playing with our old buddy, E, who got to come visit for the day!

And for a Friday treat - mud & Bugs. Chocolate pudding, crushed oreos and gummy worms! Yum!

We all especially enjoyed the warm sunshine while we got to be outside playing in it this morning! I love warm weather! It's a beautiful day!

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