Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Y Oh Y Are There Germs??

As we start another snowy, cold week we start learning about another new letter - the letter Y! Yesterday we decorated a letter Y cut-out with Yellow color and Yellow Yarn. Today we talked about egg Yolks and painted one, too!

We also worked together to make Yogurt pops - they're chillin' in the freezer now and tomorrow will make a Yummy snack! With vanilla yogurt, Orange Juice and Vanilla Extract will taste just like a frozen Orange Julius!!

This is our health week and we've been talking about washing our hands to keep from spreading germs. We started out by making an ooey-gooey germ from dryer lint and odds & ends - Cutest germs I ever did see!

We also simulated spreading germs so the kids could see how easily it happens. Everyone dipped their hands in flour and then headed out to play as normal. As they played they could see where all the little white hand-prints ended up - pretty eye opening!

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