Thursday, February 4, 2010


...are everywhere! We've had lots of fun learning about shapes this week. I'm excited to see the kids get so excited about recognizing shapes everywhere they look now!

Yesterday we introduced the triangle and made these fun and yummy looking ice cream cones with triangle cones and lots of sprinkles!

We also spent lots of time dancing to our favorite Greg and Steve CD - everyone did an awesome job following the directions in the songs!

And dress up - always a favorite!

Today we continued on with our fun with shapes and made chains with pipe cleaners we bent into triangle shapes - a challenge, but everyone loved their triangle chains when they were done!

And they make a fun decoration!

To really drive home the concept of finding shapes all around us, we had a little snack this morning. I made peanut butter sandwiches. We found a rectangle in the bread and a circle in the plate. When I cut the sandwiches into quarters - we found triangles! After that, there was no stopping the kids on the shape hunts!

And tomorrow we're going to attempt to make an erupting volcano and we practice the letter V! (Eeeek!)

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