Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Love & Learning is in the Air!

We've been keeping busy with lots of Valentine activities!

Yesterday we made hand-print flower bouquets - too cute!

Today we finger-painted on a big heart with red and white paint to make pink. Then we sprinkled it with strawberry Jello - smelled delicious and made beautiful red sprinkles on our hearts!

We also made a Valentine treat today! Heart Tarts! All we did was roll out pie crust dough and cut a bottom heart with a cookie cutter for each child. Then everyone spread their dough with strawberry jam.

We layered on another heart, with a smaller heart cut out, and crimped the edges with a fork.

Then we sprinkled sugar over the top.

After we baked them, they were beautifully golden brown.

And delicious!

We've also been practicing our counting. We made a heart collage with 13 heart shapes!

And the letter W has been our letter of the week. Yesterday we colored cute little watermelon slices!

And today we worked on some W actions... like Walking...

Pulling a Wagon...


Acting like a Worm...

Swimming in Water...

Being Window Washers!

The big kids Worked hard in the Workbooks, too!

Tomorrow - More Valentine's fun!

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