Monday, January 18, 2010

The Things I Say...

I have one of The Most Unique Jobs on earth. You can tell this by listening to the sorts of things I've actually said this past week....

"No, if you look at your tongue with your own eyes, it's doesn't make you go cross-eyed."

"Yes, a long, long time ago I was a little kid, too. No, not before TVs."

"Yes, please show me your rashes."

"No, you can't put your milk cup in your pocket."

"No, the dog isn't going to eat you."

"I really don't need to hear about your dad's farts."

"Wow - yes, you can scream very loudly."

"Please, let's leave your pants on."

"Yes, you're right; that is a lot of poop."

"Let's not put the food in your ear."

"The window will not taste good if you lick it."

"Please don't smack your friends on the head with the lincoln log."

But my favorite thing I get to say every day in my job.... "I love you, too."


Tonya said...

Those are great! Kids are so funny!

Anonymous said...

LOVE IT! You left out one....
Yes, boys do have pee-pees! Or Yes, your dad is a boy because he has a pee-pee! :)

I figured you meant to, but thought I would add it!

Anonymous said...

Hehe! That is too funny. You are so lucky to get to say that and I am sure some on a regular basis! katie