Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Daycare Christmas Party

All the planning, secrets, wrapping, hiding, preparation, excitement came to a head yesterday after naptime as we enjoyed our daycare Christmas party together. It's always something I look forward to and this year was no exception.

We started out with treats - cupcakes loaded with frosting and sprinkles, chocolate ice cream bars and juice boxes - yum!

Then we dug into presents... Everyone enjoyed unwrapping them as much as they enjoyed what was in them!

The kids all drew names and exchanged gifts with a friend - I loved seeing how excited they each were to give a present to a friend - Very generous and loving friends here!

Then they opened the little gift from me. The girls all got a Fur Real puppy that plays tug of war. They fell in love with them instantly and asked me how I knew just what they wanted.

The boys all got a little Cars shake & go vehicle. They can shake 'em up to make them talk and the engines rev - then they'll take off and race across the room - very fun!

The families all helped out by bringing stocking stuffers - we quickly overfilled our mini stockings so yesterday morning we decorated goodie bags to load all our treats into. The kids got a ton of loot in their stocking bags and loved it all!

When we were done opening and looking through the stocking bags, we worked together to clean up the paper mess and spent the rest of the afternoon playing with our new toys - everyone got along great and shared nicely. It was the perfect Christmas party!

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Anonymous said...

Looks like a blast!
Nice hair for little B! When we left the house, it looked way better. Probably his stocking cap and nap didn't help! Looks like it is time for another haircut!