Friday, October 30, 2009

A Little Pre-Halloween Fun!

We've had a fun week with the daycare kids getting ready for Halloween, but we've had fun at night with our kids, as well!

Last night, Bronson and the kids started in on jack-o-lantern carving. Spencer and Chloe got to pick their own faces and clean the "guts" out of their pumpkins!

They turned out pretty cute!

Tyler will do hers tomorrow as she's now a teenager and a social butterfly and had more important things to do last night than hang out at home :o).

Today, all the kids got to wear their costumes to school for the first time. Tyler and Spencer only wore partial costumes so I didn't do pictures this morning, but will save them for the big shebang tomorrow, but Chloe did dress up and was stinkin' adorable! She is a monster child (which is only kind of fitting!).

And, who is this adorable guy all dressed up for a day of trick or treating? Well, it's Bronson ready to go to work! Hahahahaha! I love that he's not afraid to be a little silly!

Today will be a fun day of more Halloween activities and snacks and excitement before the big day tomorrow! Can hardly wait!

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