Monday, October 12, 2009

Chloe's Big Catch

Last weekend (not this weekend... this weekend we just sat around shivering until I caved and turned on the furnace...) we took some time out from our busyness to fit in some fishing. The weather was beautiful and we were actually catching some fish!

Chloe was fishing with a bobber and worms and doing a right good job manning her fishing pole. Her bobber bobbed a little and she started reeling like crazy - seemed like she'd probably missed her catch, but she wanted to recast it. When the line got close to the bank, she Has caught a fish! A teeny tiny eensy weensy baby little fish! She thought it was adorable and so did I!

We did catch some a little bigger, too.

Big or small, Few or Plenty - it was just a nice afternoon out for all of us!

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