Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My First Baby's 14th Birthday

My daughter, my first-born, my joy, my life - the one who made me a mother, the one who has taught me so much, turned 14 yesterday. I can't believe she's already 14.

Tyler is an incredible kid. Smart, Funny, Hard-Working, Beautiful, Brave, Adventurous, Helpful, Motivated, and so much more.

Tyler is a bug girl. I don't know where she gets it, but she loves bugs, loves to study them, look up information about them on the internet, find interesting ones and share them with everyone. We took some time yesterday to do some rock collecting in a spot along K4, what she found ended up being bugs. Lots of bugs.

Tyler loves to take pictures. Her camera is always attached to her hand. If you ask her right now what she wants to do when she grows up, she will tell you she wants to be a photographer. From pictures of her friends, her brother and sister, flowers, bugs, clouds, - you name it, she takes pictures of it.

She has no fear of anything - see a lizard or snake and she'll be the first one there trying to see it, or hold it. She loves animals of every kind.

My straight A, book and music loving student is very into neon colors right now. Total flash-back from the 80s and yet it's super cute on her!

Tyler celebrated her birthday with her friends Friday night with a bonfire party at home. It was a lot of fun. It made me feel very old....

Happy Birthday, Wonderful Girl - we love you!

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