Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Oooey Gooey! And Show Me How a Piggy Eats

Today is Wednesday. Wet Wednesday. But it was just cool enough that I wasn't sure the kiddos would want to be really in the cold faucet water so instead I just whipped out some cans of shaving cream. I squirted them all over the patio and let them have at it.

Oh My Word - That Was Super Fun!

After we'd exhausted the supply of shaving cream, we set up the sprinkler for a while and played in that.

Then, to continue our theme of On the Farm, we talked about pigs - what pigs look like, what pigs sound like, what pigs eat - then we made "pig slop": chocolate pudding with Reeces Pieces, Candy Corn, Raisins, Yogurt Covered Raisins and Swedish Fish. Truly a lovely mess. And, since they were already a wet mess, I let them eat it like a piggie would eat! It took them a while to get into, but then Spencer showed them what to do and they were off!

I hope today is a day they'll remember for a long time!

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Candy Graber said...

How fun! If my kids went to daycare, I would want them to come to yours! You do a great job!