Thursday, July 23, 2009

In the Farmer's Field...

Continuing on with our talk of farms, today we talked about the types of things farmers might grow in their fields - the kids thought of all sorts of vegetables, flowers, corn, wheat, hay, soybeans and more! To explore some of the things farmers might grow in their fields, we shucked some corn - feeling all the stringy parts and the rougher husks, the bumpiness of the corn and more! We even tasted it - fresh from the garden! (and no, not our garden this year, but thanks to the generosity of our neighbor! - Next year a garden will be a part of our outdoor environment!)

The kids got fast to work shuck the corn, they were all business!

the strings, or silk, were a big discussion - they were soft and sticky, can they hurt me if I eat it, why are they there?

From there, I brought out a big bowl of flour. We talked about how flour is made from wheat and the sorts of things we use flour to make. The kids played in the flour like sand - digging in it, scooping it, feeling it, throwing it, blowing it. I think they may have done this for hours if it wasn't time to eat.

A was working very hard scooping and flattening the flour in the cup - I don't think she even noticed how much was on her face!

Miss C was a good helper with W, who wasn't so sure about how it felt...

K and A were a great team working together!

B liked to see the flour cloud when he clapped his hands.

Little Miss K worked very hard scooping and dumping the flour.

M liked working with the smaller spoons to scoop it.

This is why we played with the flour OUTSIDE!

The view from above; oh what a mess...

Being a bit of a neat freak I am still really trying to overcome some of my fears with sensory play - fears of this kind of mess! I have discovered that if we make a mess outside where I can easily clean it up with the hose or like we did today, the leaf blower,

Almost everyone loved getting cleaned off by the "wind" - the leaf blower, on low, was a great tool for getting most of the flour cleaned up!

then everyone is happy!

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