Tuesday, July 21, 2009

On the Farm...

This week we are exploring different aspects of farms. Yesterday we talked about the things we know about farms - have animals, what kind of animals, plant things, we use the things farmers grow for our food, farmers use tractors and more! We focused yesterday on a farm animal - chickens and chicks! We talked about the things the kids know about chickens and baby chicks, then we made some adorable chick art using their footprints! We also colored a picture of a chick and added all kinds of feathers to it as we also talked about and explored feathers! We had some very colorful little birds when we were done but everyone had a blast and even the youngest of the group enjoyed gluing the feathers onto their picture.

Today we moved on to cows. We talked about how cows can be many different colors and that we get dairy products from cows - milk, butter, ice cream, cheese & more! Then, we made home-made butter!

We gathered whipping cream, a little salt, a marble and a bowl with a lid.

We poured the cream into the bowl, added a little salt and the marble, put the lid on and shoooooooook it!
It takes a lot of shaking - everyone got a turn, they even came up with some very creative ways to shake the butter and take turns like when they'd shake ten times (great counting practice!) then pass the bowl onto a friend, like they were rolling a ball!

When each kiddo wasn't taking a turn shaking the butter, we had the bubble machine on and everyone had a blast chasing bubbles!

And... While we were exploring outside, we discovered that the pansy seeds we planted at the very beginning of summer have finally bloomed. So pretty!

After much shaking, we got butter! And what fun is butter if you don't taste it, so everyone got to taste a piece of bread & home-made butter - YUM!

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