Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Would I Ever... Wednesday

Continuing in the great tradition of my dear BFF, Laura. Some other things you've just gotta wonder - Would I ever really do that?

Would I ever actually let my gorgeous 13 year old daughter dye her hair blue? (Thank you, Heather at Trends! 266-1717. She is a very happy girl right now!)

Would I ever scream like a little girl on the tamest of rides at Worlds of Fun?

Would I ever very nearly have a panic attack watching my BABY ride roller coasters and big-girl rides at Worlds of Fun?

Would I ever try to bribe the clerk at a rental car place in order to get the car I really want to rent for a weekend trip?

Would I ever panic about upcoming weekend weather forecasts knowing it's just water, really?

Would I ever let me kids watch tv all day on a rainy day so I don't have to listen to them whine about being bored?

Would I ever hold off on eating my lunch til the kids have all gone to sleep just so I can have chips without them wanting bites?

Would I ever eat a cold, left-over piece of chicken while fixing the kids' lunch because I wanted something to tide me over until I had my late lunch?

Another week, more silly things. I'm glad I don't take myself or my life too seriously!

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Laura Fluke said...

I love it!!! Isn't so fun... I started making a list when they were coming to me throughout the week!! Nerd!!! You fun!!!