Monday, June 8, 2009

Weekend Trip

We ran off this weekend and spent a couple days in Omaha. We rented a car since the car we have that will comfortably seat us all for a 3 hour drive is the van and poor ol' Bessie is about 118 years old and we weren't all that comfortable driving her that far... Anywho - we ended up with my very favorite car - a Charger! Here I am lovin' her... Love this car. She is sooo pretty! It was so sad to tell her good-bye this morning....

But, I digress... We spent all day Saturday at the zoo! It was so nice to go through it and not push a stroller or drag a wagon! To not carry a diaper bag was sublime. To be able to read some of the signs or to stay and watch the animal antics for more than 10 seconds at a stretch thanks to super-short attention spans. We enjoyed the zoo for 9 hours Saturday! The weather was gorgeous, the kids were great, the zoo is incredible - a fabulous day!
The Big Cats - Love 'Em!

The kids had a great day! Here they are at the big rope spiderweb...
Me and C in the petting zoo!

There were peacocks all over the place!

The otters were snuggling....

We got to feed the pretty birds in the Budgie Exhibit.
Love the Polar Bears!
Monkeys & Gorillas are C's Favorite! Look at the size!
Awwww - Baby Monkey...
Our only kid problem was when S got a little frustrated with so much time spend with the monkey when he wanted to go see other stuff - he got a little mopey...
And stayed a little mopey...
Until we were able to tease him out of it and move on! Perfect timing with this sign!
The elephants and rhinos are a hike up a hill in Omaha...
But we were able to ride the SkyRail down! The kids loved it! Daddy and I were nervous wrecks! Very high up!
See?! Waaaaay above the giraffes!
After lunch we got to the butterfly house! T's favorite.
We didn't get a lot of pics in the aquarium. The conditions, low light, lots of glass, weren't great and it was stinkin' crowded in there!!!
The kids got to see a tarantula out of the cage and close up in the educational building.
Next - to the jungle!
Sunday we spent some time at Bass Pro Shop and then off to the Strategic Air and Space Museum - the boys especially loved this!

S and C like pretending to fly some of the planes...
On the way home we knew there was a chance of thunderstorms and we watched some clouds start to build and the sky got a bit dark. We stopped for a snack at a
Sonic in a little town in Southern Nebraska, the air was really thick, we could hear some thunder. As we headed out of town, we saw a storm spotter - radar on the roof, out of the car, pointing, taking pictures, then another, then another. We watched a storm tower build higher and higher - I told B, "that's what they're watching." More spotters, higher tower, could feel the adrenaline building - why didn't we buy the extra insurance on the rental car?! More storm spotters pulled over on the side of the road. Too cool a moment to pass up - we pulled off on a side road and snapped some pictures, then headed out again. Still building, still more spotters including a NOAA weather team and the kids were pretty sure they saw a spotter they recognized from Discovery Channels' Storm Chasers show. We pulled over 1 more time for pics and then we were outta there! Turns out the storm we were watching had a tornado warning on it while we were watching it - no touchdown, but it sure was high interest!
Taking video - probably not the smartest thing?
T would love to chase tornados for real!
Very exciting end to our weekend!

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Wow, looks like you guys had a great family weekend! Those are great pictures!