Thursday, June 18, 2009

Fun Week!

This week we've been exploring camping - and have had a lot of fun doing it!

We spent a lot of time outside... Found a baby snapping (yikes!) turtle and carefully explored it (my big kids or grown ups only holding it) put it in the wading pool and watched it for a while, then let it go down in the "creek" behind the yard. The big kids even did some "research" on turtles to share with all the kiddos!

We spent some time "fishin'" in the pool on Wet Wednesday - everyone ended up catching something!

We did some fun art this week - paper campfires, finger-print fireflies, we made plastic cup lanterns and tie-dyed sleeping bags for everyone to play with then sleep with for a while at naptime, too! We ate lots of yummy snacks like - S'mores snack mix, and edible fishing poles. Today we mixed together ingredients everyone brought for our very own trail mix and snacked on that - yum!

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Laura Fluke said...

fun, fun fun at your house!!! I have 3 that will be coming to your place now!!! =)