Tuesday, May 19, 2009

We've been Bzzzzzy this week!

It's been a Bzzzzy week as we've been enjoying lots of outside time and talking about bees. Yesterday and today our friend, J, got to come hang out for a while - we had lots of fun as J and the other kids all tried to get the hang of hula hooping! They've been practicing and practicing and are really getting the hang of it now! They're even doing a great job waiting for their turns!

The little guys are not as interested in the hula hooping, but are still having lots of fun outside!

When we've been inside, we've been talking about bees and reviewing the letter B. We made these cute bee cut outs today and we reviewed the letter B with a matching coloring page.

And - my favorite part - singing "I'm bringing home a baby bumblebee!" Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Loved the video! K loves watching herself at home, B was singing along again while K was watching! Too cute!

Laura Fluke said...

Very fun!!! I love the hula hoops they are a favorite around here and looks like it is for you now too!!! Awesome pictures!!! What a great job you do!