Tuesday, January 27, 2009

YeeHaw - Cowboy Week Continues

We've had lots of fun with some activities straight out of the Wild West this past week and a half. In addition to our normal activities to learn and review letters, numbers, shapes, colors and counting, we've done some fun cowboy crafts and games.

We've sponge-painted a card stock cow.

We've done some horse and cow ropin'.

We duded all up in cowgirl vests (made from paper sacks) - fringe included!

Today we painted some sheriff's and deputy badges - using Karo syrup and food coloring; they're so shiny!

Our new friend, M has enjoyed following/chasing the girls around while they practice galloping - all of them yelling Yee Haw, of course! (yes, the pictures are blurry... they move FAST!)

We also learned some cowboy songs. Tomorrow we'll be eating like we're on the trail - jerkey and biscuits!

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Laura Fluke said...

I love the cows and the rings... very fun! Looks like the kids all enjoyed Cowboy week(s). I am ready for a new theme my self...maybe city living should be a theme week. =)