Wednesday, January 28, 2009

On the trail...

Cowboy Week continues and we had some fun today.

First, we talked about what a cowboy may have done on the "trail" in the "old days" - what he may have eaten, what he may have worn, how he slept at night and so on.

To experience a little trail food, we mixed up a batch of biscuits. Then, we seasoned some pre-made jerkey to make it oh-so tasty! (wasn't gonna try to make it - this was just as good!)

Everyone loved it! We dug old oooooold pie tins for a rustic looking plate and dug in!

(don't worry, Mom - after seeing her try to gnaw on the jerkey, we tore it into little pieces to protect the teeth!)

Then we duded up in bandanas - to keep the dust out of our mouths and noses; it can be dusty out there on the trail, you know...

After we did some cowboy pretending, we took off the bandanas and danced with them like scarves.

After that got a bit too wild, we spent some time trying to dance (a little more calmly) while balancing our bandanas on our elbows,
our fingers,

our knees,

our feet,

and so on.

A very fun day!

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Anonymous said...

How much fun!! Miss K came home saying she got to play with handannies! It was pretty cute!