Thursday, January 8, 2009

Dancing with the Stars On Tour

Tuesday afternoon, I'm minding my own business, playing with the kids, when I get a phone call from my dear, precious friend Lisa. She practically screams at me, saying, "Guess where we're going tomorrow night?!" And I'm just confused, thinking, we don't have plans, I'm just getting groceries - it's really not that exciting. Then the screaming continues and she says - DANCING WITH THE STARS ON TOUR IN KANSAS CITY! I JUST WON FREE TICKETS! - Then the screaming double as I joined in! Free tickets! And she chose me! Oh My Gosh!

OK, now what you may not know is that we are HUGE fans of the show - and really I blame Allison! She got me hooked in Season 5 when she hosted the first Premiere Party. From then on out, we were lost! Premiere parties, Finale parties, DVR set every night - middle of the night viewings just to find out who got voted off before anyone emailed you about it! Fans Fans Fans!

So, to be able to go see the show - live and in person was a BIG DEAL!

(and another quick THANK YOU to my friend Lisa for choosing me to go! I love ya!)

(and a couple quick disclaimers about the photos I took last night
1.) they're dark - signs said no flash photography and I am a stickler for the rules!)
2.) pics on stage are far away and blurry - while our seats were pretty good, we were still a ways away from the stage - the zoom only goes so far... And - dancers are FAST! Fast = blurry when I'm taking pictures!
3.) These pictures are purely for proof we were there!

After dashing out the door after all the kids were picked up and meeting Lisa at her Mama's house, we grabbed a quick Subway sandwich and were on our way. We navigated the streets of KC very easily and parked and then we were there!

The atmosphere was electric - lots of women, lots of sequins, lots of smiling!

We found our seats - which were pretty stinkin' good for being free! and got settled. Here's the dance floor where they'll be dancing very soon! We were Almost close enough that we might imagine feeling a drop of sweat fling up on his while the dancing is super energetic!
(Us - waiting patiently for the show to start; taken by the gals next to us who may have been annoyed by all our screaming by the time the night was over!)

The show got started a little late and each time the lights flashed or dimmed a smidge, we'd gasp with excitement! Fabian is the "host" of the pre-show and boy - is that man funny?! The pre-show was a mini/local dance competition - they were OK; certainly not pros. But, the best part was Betty! Betty is a 92! year old dancing dynamo! 92! Yep, 92! I'll be happy to be able to still walk at 92 - Betty was a very good little dancer, adorable and cute! She didn't win, but did make it to the finals!

(There's Betty - the "young" whippersnapper in the white hair and red shirt near the middle there... The couple w/the gal in the red top and cream/red skirt won!)
Then the show began. Oh man - there is not enough time or space to go into all the details and how fabulous it ALL was! The stars that were there were:

Lance Bass and his partner, Lacey (my faves!)

(from last night!)

Maurice Green and his partner, Cheryl

(blurry picture from last night, but still....)

Toni Braxton and her partner, Alec

and Marlee Matlin and her partner, Fabian

Not a ton of stars, but the pros then totally made up for it!

Mark Ballas

Kym Johnson


And of course, my favorite - pant, pant, pant:


and he danced with his new Fiance - Karina - most of the night; and I just have one word to say about that - HOT!

Absolutely, totally, hands-down the best show EVER! Honestly! Full of energy and fun! I smiled (and drooled) through the whole thing! Can't wait to go again! Can't wait to watch Season 8 beginning March 9!!!!


Candy Graber said...

Yay! I am so glad for you! What total fun!!!!

Laura Fluke said...

I am so glad you got to go and you had such a wonderful time!