Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Another Good-Bye

When it rains it pours, it seems, and this month has been no exception. Shortly after I said good-bye to my little guys, I learned I'd be saying good-bye to my friend, J, as well. J has been with me since she was 16 months old and has been a joy. She has this adorable, impish little grin and the biggest personality! When she was brand new to our daycare family, as such a little gal, she wasn't always so sure about being dropped off. The one thing that would always turn her around and make her smile - bubbles! We always had a bottle of bubbles nearby or a sinkful in the kitchen.
I had so much blowing bubbles outside with her, playing catch, playing with her favorite toys, dancing with her, watching her progress from needing help with the swings and slides to doing it all on her on; from having little interest in our pre-school activities to blossoming and knowing all her colors and shapes, and doing an excellent job counting and recognizing letters! I always looked forward to J being here and she will be missed dearly - though I know I'll still see her around! Love ya, kiddo!
I know saying good-bye to kids is part of what I do and I accept that, but it's still hard. I love these little guys and gals. But, that being said, I'm excited to begin some new chapters and welcome new little ones into our family! Here's wishing good luck to all of us!


Anonymous said...

About time you did a new post! :)
Miss J will be missed by her friends as well! I know K was sad too.

Laura Fluke said...

that is very nice- it is tough losing kids and getting new ones transitioned and hoping you have a good match for your other kids too!