Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Keepin' Busy in the Ccccccold!

With nearly sub-zero temperatures this week, I am barely wanting to get out from under my blankets, much less head outside with the kids - that and frankly, it's dangerous. Anyway, we're trying to stay busy in the house and with Christmas in just 8 days we're able to find all sorts of fun Christmas projects to do!

Last week we made these adorable Christmas countdown ornaments using just plain ol' chipboard coasters and a paper chain! They can take off one link of their chain for each day until Christmas! They've all loved making paper chains this year. I've got a monster one on top of my entertainment center I'll be splitting between them to take home later this week!

Today was hand-print art day! We made this adorable Christmas tree using the hand print plus fingerprint ornaments.

We also made Rudolph! Their footprint is the head and their hands are the antlers - love it!

After we got done with art, we broke out our new toy - Rainbow bells! Each bell is a different color & number and plays a unique note. We spent some time working through some songs from the song sheet - both playing them and seeing if they could recognize them when I played them, then I let them just go crazy. I thought it would be horrible and I'd end up with a migraine. But, really - it wasn't too bad. They almost sounded like church bells when everyone rung them together. And - most importantly - they had a blast!
I'm anxious to get to some more holiday projects later this week!

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Anonymous said...

You are the best. Those craft projects and activities are the best. I know that everyone had a great time. Stay warm. Tammy