Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I'm baa-aaaack... And I've got stuff!

Sorry 'bout the break there. It's been a bit nutty in my house in general, then you throw in a holiday and well..... You get a blog that doesn't get updated in over a week!

I shouldn't complain, I am busy only with good things right now - keeping up with the house which is a pleasure (kind of) right now because all the upkeepy-type things are done - the painting, repairing, carpet replacement, etc. AND the INK STAIN from the DEVIL came up fairly easily... We're just not going there again, but if you ever need a really good stain remover, I'm your gal! We're less than 2 weeks away from performances for our church's production of Scrooge - which T and I are both in so things are really gearing up with lots of rehearsals and mini-marketing performances like the Parade of Lights last Saturday and carolling at the Festival of Trees this Saturday. Over the next 2 weeks, through the 15th, I will be home exactly 2 evenings - tonight and Saturday night (after being gone ALL DAY Saturday) - yay! So all the stuff I'd normally be doing in the evenings also has to be done during the day. Oh - and did you know?! Christmas is just 23 days from now?! Guess who's not done making Christmas cards or Christmas gifts or with her shopping? But, I'm sure it'll all be fine. Oh - and guess who's annual daycare inspection normally comes in December? AND all the paperwork for everyone in the daycare has to be renewed.... AND I've got to fill a spot in the daycare for the first week of January, so guess when I'm advertising and interviewing?!

Whew! But, really all that is good stuff - love the play, love getting ready for Christmas, love keeping the house up and the daycare organized - it's what I do. And yesterday, I got the last of the stuff I'd ordered with my daycare mini-grant for the program I was participating in through our local Resource and Referral Agency. I got $300 to spend on items for the daycare. I got some really fun things that I'm excited to share with all the kiddos!

New Career-Themed Dress Up Clothes!

Baby B thought they were fun, too! (when he'd slow down enough for me to snap a picture!)

New wooden puzzles & a storage rack!

Kid-sized coat rack for us to hang the dress up clothes on!

Musical instruments (yes, I'm a little crazy...)

Counting/Sorting/Sequencing activities - dogs....

and ocean animals (sorry for the bad pictures...)

a fishin' game for water play

A magnet kit (science activity!)

another coatrack so everyone's coats are not always just piled in a chair

But what did everyone like to play with the best yesterday?

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Laura Fluke said...

You got a lot of stuff- way to go girl. I am sure your daycare family will have lots of fun times with all of the new learning goodies!!! What an awesome program! Have any openings??