Sunday, November 23, 2008

Adults Should Not Jump into Foam Pits

Today was the birthday party for Gaby, my friend Laura's daughter. It was at a cheer & gymnastics gym. The kids all had a great time doing some tumbling and jumping on the trampoline and jumping into a pit filled with foam blocks. At one point they let the parents come out onto the floor and play with the kiddos. This is when my dear friend decided it would be fun to jump into the foam pit with her kiddos.

This picture was taken from across the gym, by my daughter, before the drama started. T was focusing on all the equipment, not really on Laura so it's not zoomed in very well. You'll see Laura, as a little tiny bit of the scene on the right side of the picture Note that she, in the hot pink shirt, is all poised to Swing into the pit. She did, at this point, chicken out a bit and just slide in.

She promptly - as everyone does - begins sinking into the foam. She tries valiantly to work her way over to the side of the pit to gracefully reach for the edge and pull herself up. But, it just doesn't work... The harder she tries, the deeper she sinks. The deeper she sinks, the more she laughs. Red faced, tears streaming, about to pee, she keeps trying.

Her loving husband and brother discuss what to do as they watch her struggle. I am on the other side of the pit from them, waving to my daughter, T to take more pictures!

One of the "coaches" - a very nice looking, friendly young man (he's the blurry one in the ball cap right behind her. Note also, the 3 year old just effortlessly heaving himself out of the pit...) - comes to her rescue with a mat to try to climb up onto. She tries and tries and tries, but just keeps sinking! After a few more minutes of futile struggling, this young man jumps into help her. With his help in the pit, and her husband pulling from above, Laura is finally rescued from the foam pit of death!

And Dustin, her husband, is now even more her hero! Aaaawwwwww!

Me, her friend, I love her and I love even more that she gave me a huge, great big laugh that made my day!


Laura Fluke said...

Thanks Friend, great blog post friend, loved the pictures friend...
I was just trying to be a good mom and have fun with my kids, no one told me I was going to die in a bed of foam. It was pretty funny!!! Glad you guys came!

Katie Franke said...

Ahhh, I'm crying from laughter. Great recap!! I wish I could've seen it. The 3 yr old was my middle son Noah!

Anonymous said...

Okay, this one is old!!!!

Tonya said...

So funny!!! I hate that foam pit too.

I nominated you for a blog award! You'll have to check out my blog for instructions on what you need to do.