Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Party Prep

So, one of my friends just nagged me because I haven't updated my blog today. I've been super busy and I couldn't think of anything to write about today. I just thought I'd fill you all in on part of what I've been doing this week. My "group" hosts Bunco tomorrow night. We've been working on our theme for a while and our fun night is tomorrow night so we're finalizing the details and putting things together.

I've been making big, yummy cupcakes - chocolate with yummy pink frosting, making jello, making ice to make sure we've got plenty, digging up a punch recipe, and scrounging for decorations!

We're going to have a blast and I wish I could share pictures with you all, but it's a secret! But, seriously - we're going to have F U N!

There's my update - gotta go run and do some more stuff to get ready for tomorrow!

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