Friday, November 7, 2008

A Leap of Faith

OK. We did it. We have officially listed our house for sale. The lock box is on the door. The sign is coming. Open house in just over a week! Big breath. It'll be OK. God is in control.

That is so hard to remember sometimes when the pressure mounts. Will our house sell? Will our house sell for what it needs to? Will we find another house that's right for us - where we need it to be, when we need to find it?

It's not like we have the luxury of time after our house sells. If it were just us we could plop down in a rental house for a while and not think anything of it while we wait and search for the right thing. Not really an option with the daycare. We'll need almost a seamless transition. Yikes!

But, I do know that it will work out the way God wants it to and in the end it will be right. I've just got to have faith and be patient and pray. Pray with me, please?


Laura Fluke said...

Wow- 2 posts in one morning! You guys must have been in my brain last night, I was dreaming about you and your house~it was actually good. You and B had to live with us for a week b/c you sold the house so fast!!! I know you are worried and stressed but you know who's hands it is in. Pray, pray and pray more

Tonya said...

How excitging!!! I'll be praying that God will just take care of EVERYTHING! God has something perfect planned for you guys and you'll know it when you find it. When is your open house? I'll be praying.

Anonymous said...

Wow, how exciting and scary this is for all of you. I know that God will help you with this. I will pray that all will go well. Keep up posted. Tammy