Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Castin' Our Ballots - Daycare Style

Election Day lends itself to all kinds of learning opportunities. We explored election vocabulary, as well as our counting and sorting skills as we learned about voting and some of the election process today.

We started out with a discussion about what big decision we are voting on today - deciding the leader of our country as well as other officials. We talked about who the candidates are and I was so impressed when they were all able to remember their names and who the "other guy" is when we'd talk briefly about each candidate. We did not talk about issues or how I voted or how their parents are planning to vote. We talked about how we have this choice and get to participate in the process. We colored pictures of John McCain and Barack Obama during our discussion.

We conducted our own daycare vote today, as well. I made a ballot giving them choices on what kind of fruit to have with lunch, if we're having crackers for snack, if we should go outside after lunch, if we should watch Word World today, if we should go on a leaf hunt while we're outside, and if we should eat snack outside. Those are pretty much "yes's" for most of the kiddos, so I wanted to throw in a "No" vote for them and asked them if they wanted to take an extra long nap today. I'll be darned if the yes's didn't win that as well! But, since today is so beautiful, I just sorta tricked 'em and made them think they went to nap a little early, as the vote stated, but actually put them down a little late. I'm not the biggest fan of tricking the kids, but gotta show that democratic process, right?

After everyone got to vote, they put their ballot in our ballot box and got a (homemade) I voted sticker! We then counted the votes together and set out our plan for the rest of the day based on how the votes came in!

I think everyone had fun with our voting lesson and that it's something they'll remember the basics of the next time election day comes around!


Wally said...

I like what you are doing. We are doing something similar at the ymca

Anonymous said...

What a good idea, I can't wait to hear about K's day at home tonight! I seen B this AM at the Community Building. The line was terrible! He got there alot earlier than I did. :)

Laura Fluke said...

As always I love the pictures... and the homemade voting stickers. You did a great job on the lessons...good job partner!!! You done us proud!

Anonymous said...

You are outstanding; what a great job in teaching them; you are wonderful.Job well done. Tammy

Laura Fluke said...

Perfect, perfect, perfect...Dawn is perfect!!! =) Love ya!

Anonymous said...

K was extremely sad that "John McCalin" didn't win! She cracked me up lastnight saying - that was who she voted for and he was going to win!

Tonya said...

You're so great w/the kiddos Dawn! I bet they had a blast.