Friday, November 14, 2008

Birthday Cake is the Best!

Yesterday was birthday to 2 of my daycare guys. One of them was Baby B who turned 1! I love seeing a little one try something they're just not too sure of - like a big, ooey-gooey, frosting-covered cupcake!

Here's sorta how it went....

"Yay - you guys did a wonderful job singing happy birthday to me!"

"What the heck is that?"

"Well, maybe I'll just have a little taste..."

"Wait, wait. I may need a bigger bite!"
"Oh yeah. Wow. Have you tried this stuff?"
"Oh Good God in Heaven! This stuff is fabulous! I can't get enough! And fun, too!"
"That. Was. Incredible!"
"And now that I'm all cupcaked out and cleaned up - it's official.... I'm a big kid!"
And then there's big Mr. 5 Year Old J-Man. He's got this cupcake thing down-pat.
Wait patiently while everyone sings Happy Birthday to you VERY LOUDLY!
Then blow out the candles before eating the cake. Easy-Peasy!


Laura Fluke said...

Looks like they had a fun birthday treat! Love the baby cupcake pictures, and J looks like he is enjoying the treat as well. Fun times!

Anonymous said...

Dawn, love your blog! Thank you for the pictures of the little ones.

K and B's g-ma,


Anonymous said...

Awesome pics, love the captions!
Thanks so much!!!!!
I still can't believe they are getting so big!