Friday, December 3, 2010

Lovin' Our Outside Time!

We have been so lucky in the fact that it is still warm enough many days that we can enjoy plenty of outside time! And the kids love it! Look at the smiles!

And they stay busy, running off some of that energy and excitement we all know is building as we are only 22 days away from Christmas!

We did spend some time this morning, as it was warming up, working on some more Christmas projects. We added a candy cane ornament to our handprint Christmas tree.

We marble painted some candy cane cutouts using jingle bells - a noisy, but fun project!

And we used glue and glitter to make these pretty little snowflake ornaments. They will be driving over the weekend so everyone can take them home to hang on their own trees next week!

And next week -Yummmmmmm. One of my favorite weeks! Christmas Goodies!

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