Monday, November 1, 2010

Our Happy Halloween!

Halloween seemed to be celebrated for almost a full week this year! We started with Chloe's school Halloween party on Wednesday. On Thursday, we celebrated with the daycare. The kids were all out of school so we had a full day of fun and festivities. We did some Halloween coloring and made these adorable Halloween Windsocks.

After naps we began to party hardy - some of the games we played were Pin the Nose on the Pumpkin,

Pass the Pumpkin,

and Musical Chairs.

Everyone had a ton of fun playing- Me, too!

We had a great big, yummy, sugary Halloweeny snack and then enjoyed some gorgeous fall weather as we played outside.

Our weekend was filled with pumpkin carving and scary movies (along with some other scary things that have nothing to do with Halloween - let me just say, getting old is very scary and so are nursing homes! ugh. Anyway, we did end the weekend with a lot of fun.

The kids wanted to "do" Halloween with their neighborhood and school friends so we did it up right! We held a bonfire Saturday night for all the friends on the cul-de-sac - we had s'mores and played games and it was a very nice night.

Yesterday, after a nice, relaxing day, our friends the Lux's came over so the boys could trick or treat together and the older girls could watch movies and hand out candy. All the parents took Miss Chloe around to trick-or-treat. Lisa and I HAD to dress up so this year, our impromptu costumes were Poop and Toilet Paper!! It was Sooooo funny!

Chloe was "confused" - half angel, half devil

Somehow fitting for Miss Chloe!

Spencer was a "dead punk rocker"

Awww - wasn't he cute?

Lisa as "poop"

Me as "toilet paper"

"the perfect pair"

We got to see lots of our little friends while they were trick or treating, too!!!

B the Cowboy

K the beautiful fairy

A the gypsy

K and E

E the Orange crayon!

N the dragon

We walked around town while Chloe got her bucket filled for a couple hours, then came back and enjoyed some delicious enchiladas, burritos, queso and brownies! Yum!! Most of us fell asleep in the movie, but we still had a great time together!

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