Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Delightful Dinos

This group of kids is loving our dinosaur week! I've even been told that we have in our midst - dinosaur experts and paleontologists! We've talked about different kinds of dinosaurs, what may have happened to the dinosaurs, carnivores and herbivores - and none of it was initiated by me! I was going to keep it very basic and simple and just have fun with some dinosaur art, but this group - well, I think they may very well be miniature dinosaur experts!

But, we have had fun with dinosaurs as well - we used toy dinosaurs to make some footprint art.

We also used handprints to make the spikes on a painted dinosaur - too cute!

We used our toy dinosaurs to help do the actions to some fun dinosaur songs, too!

Tomorrow, some more dino fun, some purple art and diamond review - then moving onto Thanksgiving!

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