Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Nuts About Squirrels!

During this gorgeous week of autumn we are exploring nuts & squirrels as all those actually squirrels are busily gathering their bounty for winter!

Yesterday we made a squirrel picture with a fuzzy felt tail.

Today we explored acorns. We spent some time checking them out - looking at them, feeling them.

Then we did some "marble painting" with them. We dipped acorns in three different colors of paint, placed them - along with a piece of paper - in a box with a lid and then - SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE!

... take the lid off and pull the paper out...

...to make some fun seasonal art!

We also played a fun game of Squirrel Squirrel Where's Your Nut? One kiddo became the squirrel, then hid the paper acorn while everyone else hid their eyes. After hollering "ready" - the hunt was on! Everyone had lots of fun with this game!

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