Friday, September 10, 2010

Police Officers & Mail Carriers

We've been exploring different community helpers this week; this past couple days we've talked about police officers and mail carriers.

Yesterday as we discussed police officers, we talked about how the police are our friends and are here to help us, we talked about calling 911 in emergencies and practiced dialing 911 on the phones we colored. We also made fun, shiny officer badges for everyone!

Today was our mail carrier day - we talked about the things mail carriers might deliver, made a postcard to mail back to our homes and practiced "delivering" letters to our friends by recognizing their names!

The last couple days have been wet wet wet and nasty so we've been in the house. And these little bodies have a lot of energy they need to get out after a day and a half stuck inside! So today, we turned up some fun praise music and boogied the morning away. It was some wild and crazy boogying and ended up in a lot of dog piles. I don't know that it helped to use much of that excess energy, but it was fun for everyone while it lasted!

Next week's theme: Brown Bear, Brown Bear

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