Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Bubba!

Today is Spencer's 12th! birthday! It seems like just yesterday he was the little monster living inside my belly that was so big and tough he'd stick a foot out and you could clearly see the outline! His big ol' 9 pound self made his entrance on September 28, 12 years ago and has been keeping us busy and entertained ever since!

Spencer is a good kid with a big heart and is always loved by his teachers. I've heard this quote more than once. "How do you ever get him in trouble? He just have to look at you with those big blue eyes..." and it's true. We've said over and over - "He's lucky he's cute!". Because this kid is all boy - all roughness and mess and then at the same time cuddly and sweet.

He's grown like a weed this summer and it's weird to see this big boy walking around my house! Spencer is our outside kid - loves to catch bugs and frogs and snakes and crawdads and build forts. He also loves his video games and building systems inside. School is not his favorite thing in the world but he's getting awesome grades this year and I'm so proud of him!

We celebrated Bubba's birthday several times on Sunday so we'd all have some more time with him. We spent the morning at Nana and Papa's to have brunch and dessert for Spencer and Papa's birthdays. He was given a desk for his room since he's been wanting one so bad! That afternoon, he got to go shopping with Grandma and Grandpa - he finally got his coveted handcuffs (which Will disappear at the first misuse) and a pocketwatch and some fun building games. That evening, we sent him on a scavenger hunt for his gift from us.

He and Chloe (and eventually Tyler even joined in) followed clues around the house until they made it to the shed...

...where his new bike was hidden. Poor kid has been without a bike because his died. He is so excited to be able to ride again!

Happy Birthday, Spencer! We love you!

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