Monday, September 20, 2010

Friday's Festivities a.k.a. Princess K Day!

Friday was our local high school's homecoming day - full of festivities and fun! We all dressed in purple and talked about the fun of the upcoming Homecoming Parade that afternoon. I fielded lots of questions... Is it time to go yet? What time is the parade? When are we going to the parade? Is it time for the parade? When is it time for the parade? Is it time now? Are we leaving for the parade now? Did we miss the parade? I was very glad when I was able to finally say yes, it's time to leave for the parade.

My dear, dear friend, Lisa - who is a bit of a glutton for punishment, I think - stopped by to help us walk up to the parade route. We loaded up 2 wagons-full of kids, plus had a couple walking and headed off. Along the way we lost one that saw Mama and sisters and we saw a couple other mama's. We headed to a shady spot (because it is way hotter than it should be in September!) and got comfy to wait for the parade to start!

We could hear the band long before we could see them and had to do a little boogying!

And then we could see them! Here comes the band!! And there's Tyler - in her sparkly shoes - tootin' her flute!

And here's Miss A, promoting the spring History Fair at the middle school!

And here's what we've been waiting for! MISS K! The Homecoming crown bearer... Dressed as a beautiful purple princess, riding in the float with Grandma - chucking candy to everyone.

And - She sees us! Yay!

The little ones all did great - they were far more interested in gathering the candy that was thrown to them than seeing the floats, but they did load up on the loot! We left with a full gallon bag of candy to split between them to take home!

After naps, Miss K got to come with Mom to pick up B and to show off her new "do" for the evening festivities. She was absolutely beautiful and I was so happy to be able to get a little time to get my fix of pictures and oohing and aahing! Gorgeous girl!

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Anonymous said...

I love this post!! (of course!) And you got some good pics! So glad the kiddos had fun!