Thursday, July 8, 2010

The week has been flittin' by - like a butterfly!

The week has just flown by (get it - flown by - butterfly week?!). We've stayed busy with our Wet Wednesday fun yesterday and making these adorable butterfly magnets.

Today the kids started the day just playing awesomely together, which is something I just won't break up! One group was more than happy to sit in the midst of a bunch of little toys, playing with a couple things at a time and making all kinds of sound effects! Too funny!

The kids in the older group, along with a couple of the younger ones, set up a pet store. They had a kinds of animals to shop for and the shop owner would provide them with care sheets for the various pets - everyone helped to draw and "write" the care sheets! I loved how well they all interacted together during this time of dramatic play!

When the pet store closed for a while, we spent some time making some gorgeous coffee filter butterflies.

We've also been practicing the different stages of a butterfly's life along with a fun song - caterpillar...



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